About Us

Ethical JewelleryAll of us firmly think that while ethical jewelry should never end up being throwaway, it can be in the same way superbly designed, made and fashion forward as other lines. Newgreenjewelry.com is officially probably the most fashionable approach to saving the planet and ensure rights for workers.

At first the idea took some searching but we now have sourced a few truly amazing jewelry manufacturers and also unearthed a number of amazing new design expertise from countries including UK, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and naturally across the USA. We were overwhelmed with the guiding fashion status and validated ethical background of a lot of what we found. We’re hugely enthusiastic about this year and long term collections which will be developing to embrace the quantity of designers which are now, at long last, cottoning on to the truth that ethical jewelry is usually just as high-end and must-have as your most liked labels


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